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Title:   Integrating Process and Product: A Merger Approach in the Teaching of Writing

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  Title   Integrating Process and Product: A Merger Approach in the Teaching of Writing  


The present study focuses on the possibility of rationally integrating process and product in L1 or L2 writing classroom settings. Since process and product are technically rendered contrastive, mutually exclusive in properties, a consecutive type of eclecticism, to replace a simultaneous version is proposed to actualize the prospective expectations. Two options of consecutive eclecticism are hypothetically speculated as a) product to be followed by process or b) process to be followed by product. On intelligently considering the contextual and the learner factors, the two eclectic options, based on indexes provided, can enable the writing practitioners to stress choosing one of the consecutive options over the other.

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  Affiliations (1)  Shahid Chamran University, Ahvaz, Khuzestan, Iran, Islamic Republic of
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  Categories The potential of writing development work within colleges and universities.  
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  Biography Ismail Baroudy is assistant professor of the Department of English at Shahid Chamran University, Ahvaz, Iran. He did his M.A. in English literature ( Tehran University), Ph.D. in TEFL/Applied Linguistics (A.M.U., India) and Post-Ph.D. in Applied Linguistics ( Warsaw University, Poland). His main areas of interest take in comparative literature, European and American literature, developing language skills, language testing (designing multiple-choice tests), ESP, teaching methodology, syllabus design, discourse analysis and theories of second language acquisition. He has published seven books and several articles in refereed journals.  
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